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SKULLSPRESSO! Pink Skull Bead & Real Coffee Bean Beads Bracelet!

SKULLSPRESSO! Pink Skull Bead & Real Coffee Bean Beads Bracelet!

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It has been said, “DEATH before DECAF!”, and the SKULLSPRESSO line of real coffee bean jewelry might be a friendly reminder of it? The skull bead is reconstituted turquoise, strung along with real coffee bean beads, as the pictures show.

The coffee beans are not treated, and are in their natural post roast state.

If you want to add a gothic type of twist style to your daily coffee, the SKULLSPRESSO line might be just for you.

This SKULLSPRESSO Real Coffee Beans Bracelet with a Pink Reconstituted Skull Bead is available in various personalized sizes.
If you measure out your own wrist, feel free to message me if you want a bracelet closer to your own specific size.
Personalized sizes to choose ranging from 6.0 Inches to 8.5 Inches, in .5" increments.
The bracelet is made with real coffee beans, and a pink reconstituted skull bead.
It's an elastic, stretch cord, design (not a bangle type). Easy to put on. Easy to take off.
Handmade in America.
Each coffee bracelet is made to order.

Each coffee bean bracelet is unique, because each coffee bean is unique. These Solo Skullspresso Coffee Bean Bracelets are highlighted with one pink reconstituted stone skull bead, as the pictures show. (Colors may vary slightly, depending on things like screen display resolution.)
The coffee bean beads are paired in "kissing" pairs, except the two coffee beans on both sides of the skull bead, as shown.
They are paired facing each other, but separated by the skull bead.
The skull bead is sandwiched between two of the coffee bean beads, as the pictures show.

Get it for the coffee lover in your life. Get it for the skull lover in your life. Get it for the TØP lover in your life. Get it for yourself!
An awesome and unique gift for any coffee lover in your life.

Each coffee bracelet is handmade. Each coffee bean is hand selected post roast. Then, each beaded bean is hand-strung.
The SKULLSPRESSO Pink Skull bracelet shown in the pictures is a closed stretch cord design, meaning it is designed to slip over the hand and be worn around the wrist. Easy to put on. Easy to take off.

Your Solo Skullspresso bracelet will be similar to the one pictured, but not the exact same depending on the size you order.
The coffee bean beads will vary in color, size, and shape, depending on what roast I use to make your bracelet.
Each bracelet is measured as close to the size ordered, maybe slightly bigger, but never smaller.
These coffee bean beaded bracelets are handmade in the U.S.A. by a type 1 diabetic. Insulin isn't cheap, and insurance is horrible!

What you will get:
You will receive ONE Solo SKULLSPRESSO Bracelet that is handmade with real coffee beans.
You choose the bracelet size you need before checking out.

If you have any bracelet sizing questions, or need a bigger or smaller size not listed, feel free to message me directly!

Don't just drink coffee, wear it!

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