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Hyperspace COFFEE

Silver Stainless Steel Hook Real Coffee Bean Dangle Earrings

Silver Stainless Steel Hook Real Coffee Bean Dangle Earrings

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Join the Hyperspace Coffee journey with these Real Coffee Bean Dangle Earrings!

These are made with stainless steel hooks.

What do you get the coffee lover in your life, that has all the coffee equipment already? Handmade, unique, coffee bean earrings!

You drink coffee. You can eat coffee (chocolate covered coffee beans, YUM!). Now, you can wear coffee! (And, not wear it just by spilling it on yourself!)

You will receive one:

1) Original Handmade Silver Stainless Steel Hook Coffee Beans Dangle Earring Set - This is a pair of coffee beans, in their natural post roast state. No gloss or finish is applied to them.

Each pair is unique, because each coffee bean is unique. The pair you receive will look similar to the ones in the pictures above, but not exactly the same. The colors of the beans will vary depending on the roasts that I use to make the earrings. Some might be lighter. Some might be darker.

The backings are rubber earring backs.

For other earring posts options, or expedited shipping options, contact me directly before ordering.

Don't just drink coffee, wear it!

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